Beyond Politics: An Undergraduate Review of Politics

Beyond Politics is a student-run, peer-reviewed undergraduate journal that publishes research work of Notre Dame political science students every year. Residing within the Department of Political Science, our work focuses on four main fields: american politics, international relations, comparative politics and political theory. Our editors come from a wide range of majors and disciplines. We publish original research by students that covers both political issues as well as more interdisciplinary papers that cover public policy, economics, history, or psychology through a political lens. In years past, we have conducted campus opinion polls that cover both local and national issues.



The goal of Beyond Politics is to provide undergraduate students a forum to publish the research they have conducted in class, during internships or studying abroad.   This journal shares the same commitment the University of Notre Dame does in fostering undergraduate research and scholarly engagement.



Faculty Advisor (2014-15): Professor Ricardo Ramirez

Former Faculty Advisors: Professor A. James McAdams, Professor Sebastian Rosato, Professor Dan Lindley, Professor David Campbell, Professor Peri Arnold

Staff Advisor: Carolina Arroyo, Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies and Director of Internships